A Simple Piece of Paper…

Who would’ve thought that a simple piece of paper could mean so much…

Say so much…

Do I take the trembling pen in my hand and dare to say yes?

I hear Gods voice calling me… so farso near

Me? God, really me? Are you sure about this?

I’m scared, feeble, weak…. me?

God really? Australia?

I hold the piece of paper and as it trembles I try to make out the words…

Yes, its actually happening. I want to cry tears of joy, fear, confusion, of happiness… Can all these emotions go hand in hand? No. Fear is a sin,  disobedience towards God towards his holy word, a breaking of the spirit, a breaking of trust, hope, faith…


How bad do I want it?

How much do I trust?

Where does my hope come from?

My hope comes from the Lord… the maker of heaven and earth.


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