Planes, Trains & all the Places in Between

Its official friends I’m living in Sydney, Australia…

I know… I can’t believe it either. These past four days have
been an emotional roller coaster. Three days of flying can really wear a person
down, but I’m glad to say that God has been with me every step of the way. On
the day of my departure I met with my dear friend Daniela for some coffee. I
honestly left with life spoken into me, which I’m sad to say hasn’t happened in
a very long time. I felt like her words (God working through her) was tenderly
speaking all the things my heart had left unspoken. Without her knowledge she
was touching cords that had been left buried in the catacombs of my being… but
God knew all along. No matter how
much I tried to cover them up, God saw everything. Every heart ache, every
betrayal… My deepest fears began to
be penetrated through the voice and all-knowing God almighty… that morning set
up a strong spirit for my departure that enabled me to remember the promises of

Departures aside… I’m sitting in my new barren living room per say… its 5:12 a.m. and
my roommate is happily asleep…. My
personal experiences in the last five days have been many… from being elated at
finally entering the “promised land” to feeling like maybe… possibly I don’t
belong here… The last thought being a complete lie. Though I have met many kind
people I still feel like I haven’t found people that I “connect” with. I don’t
mean to sound like I’m being ungrateful, which I am not. I am utterly blessed
to have met many wonderful people. But, I still feel like I haven’t met people
that I have connected strongly with… (my roommate perhaps but she’s leaving me
soon) [insert sobs here] Trust me I have met many wonderful people but I still
feel like something is missing…

One positive aspect of this whole transition has been God.
Let me just say that God as soon as I arrived has been working rigorously on my
heart. He has been revealing to me areas in my heart, mind, and spirit that
need work. He’s pulling back layers and becoming LOUDER in my life. There is
just something about being outside your comfort zone that lets God really move. That really lets him to
just be your God, and have you all to
himself. When I first arrived I was of course naturally nervous, wandering
around the airport looking lost and of course getting asked if I was American
due to my clear incompetence. Ha! As soon, as I arrived to the city campus I
was met with such warmth and then the lies began to pour in. The enemy jumped
on the prowl. Asking me questions like, “are you sure you are meant to be
here,” “are you sure you are going to make it?” Yup, don’t you just love the
enemy? And then I went to Powerhouse… (young adults service)… and I just knew
that I was and am in the right place. That night God spoke to me so much! My
heart became engrossed in all he is and I just knew this year would set the
foundation for the rest of my life. Though I have my student Visa for three
years I challenged God to one. I knew as soon as I arrived that 8 dollar cereal
was a little too expensive and that possibly all I could do was one year
without completely breaking the bank. So here I stand five days in already
seeing God move in my life, already letting him be my God, my cause. This
journey, this dream, is not mine it is His, and He is just taking me along for
the ride. (As our director Katrina says).

So no matter if it took 14+ hours and 4+ years to get here…
God is in this place moving and being an “all consuming flame.” A God jealous
for his people, a God waiting to explode in unimaginable ways… a God ready to
change a city and future generations of leaders… God is here… and He stands
armed and ready to turn my world up.side.down.

“His divine power has given everything we need for a godly
life through our knowledge of Him who has called us by his own glory and
goodness.” -2 Peter 1:3-

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