waffles, rocks, & Ships



Today me and my room mate got a random urge. We hopped on a bus with no idea where it was headed. We didn’t get off until the bus driver yelled, “LAST STOP!” So off we went and realized we were at the heart of Sydney Harbor… I looked around at all the city lights, at the man playing jazz music on his saxophone, at the ocean glimmering in the moonlight, at the people buzzing by so quickly they were a blur… and I thought to myself for the umpteenth time I can’t believe I am here praise God!!! (one month!)…



After we had walked past the Harbor we headed towards The Rocks. The Rocks has got to be one of my favorite places here in Australia. A lot of the restaurants and cafes were built in on these massive rocks, its actually quite impressive; also I LOVE seeing the various people groups, accents and restaurants, especially in the night time. Me and my friend Angelique found ourselves taking the stairs that led to the Bridge climb. I than asked my very tired friend if she was up to climbing 4+ flight of stairs (the view is spectacular from the top), she looked at me like I was crazy, so we settled for walking down a random corridor. We actually ended up coming across many pubs with people drinking and looking like they were enjoying themselves, as much as people with beer could.

After walking around for a bit, we ended up getting a sweet tooth so we went off in search of an ice cream parlor. As we were looking for our ice cream parlor we saw this in a book store window…


you gotta love Australians and their very blunt humor… me and my friend could not stop laughing. Good luck trying to sell this one to parents…

And then Lo and behold we stumbled across an ice cream parlor by the name of Copenhagen,,, the name said it all. The smell of fresh baked waffles reached our nostrils and we were sold. Ice cream and waffles it was…



Yes these were the BEST waffles (with caramel may I add) I have tasted and the ice cream was AMAZING!!! One of my new favorite places is Australia! Smile 

Oh and did I mention we stumbled upon a restaurant that serves ten dollar steak Mondays and Tuesdays with chips!? Yes please!!!

So know we are cozy in our beds with homework not yet done, and eyelids heavy with want of sleep.

Hugs to you all dear friends! I miss you! And Happy Fathers Day to all the dads on this side of the world. Especially you Father God! Smile 


God Bless,



4 thoughts on “waffles, rocks, & Ships”

  1. Goodness Gracious! I deactivated my Facebook for a while and so I couldn’t get in touch with you or figure out where your blog was! Luckily I found it! You look like you are having so much fun! Ice Cream looks amazing too :) How are things? I’ve thought about you soooo much. Miss you! Email me when you can so we can catch up since I’m not on FB right now, hopefully you have wifi now? haha oh man unless you are still at the internet cafe :) Yeah, email me PLease! mmk_jenessa@yahoo.com
    Love you and praying for ya!!!

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