Zero Expectations 100% Contentment

…”The motions of life is a series of comings and goings, our attitudes whilst entering those doors is entirely up to us. I for one, believe these doors should be entered with thanksgiving…” -Robert Ferguson-

The flowers are beginning to blossom, the nights are becoming longer and God is still God.

I’m choosing to enter this new season of life with thanksgiving…

There is no use in putting expectations on God, He knows best and he weaves more beauty than I can ever imagine. God here in Sydney has placed such a beautiful family in my path. They have gone above and beyond to make Sydney feel like home. They have offered me a place to lay my head, they have offered to help drive me anywhere I need, and yesterday had me over for dinner and even offered me a shower. If that wasn’t enough today Alicia (Woman I babysit for) blessed me with these flowers and a thank you card. Seriously, these people have the biggest hearts I have ever seen. They have such a beautiful family and a beautiful marriage I am utterly blessed to be apart of. I always learn so much from them, about life and marriage, and faith. Thank you father for this beautiful family, thank you for watching over me here in Australia and loving on me. God you alone weave beautiful things.

And God has blessed me and my roommate with…(drum roll) two tickets to the Opera House to see Romeo & Juliet the ballet! So stoked!!!

yes, I have to soak it all in after all I do not know how long I will be here. God you are good.. so good.


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