Gods Tapestry

Its a Saturday night and I just got done babysitting just over an hour ago. The wind outside is shaking the quietness of our suburb and my flat mate is busy in the living room strumming away on her acoustic guitar. Absolute bliss. I wish I could say I have a great post to share but quite frankly beside a couple of activities here and there its been a pretty calm course of existence. God is still God & he is still turning my world upside down. I feel quite restless to be honest and I’m not quite sure why that is… I think I am all over the map. I’m already coming up with plans for my future, and things I wish to see and explore. But I believe this is the season of stillness and I just need to learn to just be. To trust and be content in all circumstances. One thing that has really been grabbing my attention lately is the beauty of this greater weave God has created. I mean only two months ago the people I know now I didn’t even know existed, and now they are a vital, essential, and beautiful part of my life. If it wasn’t for this beautiful opportunity I would not have met my Swiss brother Simon, my unique South African Angelique, my beautiful Peruvian Gaby, my sweet Indonesian Renny, my exquisite Brazilian Liane, my Michigan twin Mackenzie and the list goes on and on… ( and no I didn’t forget Gaylene, Jasmin, Vanessa, Elaine, Laura, Jonas, Zaina,Stephanie, Susy, Giovanne, Gershuwyn, CJ, Gretchen, Alicia, James, Mal, Grace, Casey, Druvi, I swear the list goes on) trust me. I just can’t believe that through this leap of faith I would find so much gold in people, to get to know who they are as individuals and to hear their story is really, really remarkable. Because in hearing their stories I learn more of God, and see more of God. The fact that I enter the classroom everyday and sit among nations, literally… among great leaders I am in awe. I know that no ones experience here will be in vain, whether good or bad. I am among fertile soil, soil that is only springing up beautiful flowers and trees with the richest of fruits. To say I am blessed to have these individuals in my life and to have met who I have met is an understatement. A big one. I am sitting among Gods creation. And I am truly starting to see people in a different light. It is quite beautiful and enriching to be woven apart of this tapestry, Gods craftsmanship… I am deeply awestruck… 











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