New Places, New Faces…

Our mid semester break officially started forty-five minutes ago, and what a way to kick it off. My friend Gaby whom is a major foodie decided to take me to check out Mamak an authentic Malaysian restaurant located in Chatswood. I loved walking through Chatswood its buzzing with life and on every street there is a restaurant that I am dying to try. Not to mention the architecture and the Asian influence! Its fantastic!


Architecture… Got to appreciate it.



In front of the Morning Glory shop! Oh the plush! Too cute!

We arrived at Mamak and the line was quite long. We were expecting to wait in line for about an hour. Turns out the line would move pretty smooth and fast. We even had the blessing of meeting a new friend; Sarah from Adelaide! It was such a treat! We ended up inviting her to dinner, so fun!


Waiting to get into Mamak, I was so beyond excited!!

Once inside the atmosphere was really chill and comfortable. Chatter could be heard and it wasn’t cozy in the quiet sense, but since the seats are all quite close it felt quite nice. Gaby and Sara ended up ordering the Kari Ayam. Which is basically your classic chicken curry with fresh fround spices and chunky potatoes. It was beyond AMAZING! SO good! Highly recommend it!


I ended up ordering lamb Murtabak. It is filled with spicy meat, cabbage, eggs and onions. It was good but the texture kind of freaked me out, so I didn’t enjoy it a 100%. But if you don’t mind mushy egg texture you will love it. I toppled it off with a “Teh  Ais” which is basically ice milk tea! My tongue I kid you not, wanted to dance for joy!!! So, so good!




We ended having such a great time getting to know each other, and asking a billion questions! What a blessing to have met Sarah in such a fun and crazy way!


Me and the awesome Gabs!


Gaby and our new friend Sarah!


We ended our time at Mamak with “Roti Pisang.” Which is roti with freshly sliced bananas. After this I was able to die happily… no joke. Hoping and praying we will have this in heaven.

After a good time at Mamak we headed out to Darling Harbour! It was so beautiful and breathtaking. It honestly made me fall in love with Australia, and it somehow makes you remember that you are actually living in this beautiful city and not just a tourist. It is quite amazing, praise God! Here are just a few shots of the Harbour and the restaurants around it, including shots from the new children playground which will blow your mind!



The biggest Imax in the world!


Darling Harbour! Stunning…




 After a walk through the Harbour we went to (drum roll) Guylian Chocolate Café. This place I promise will take you on a chocolatastic voyage! The chocolate looks so good, and there coffees are to die for. My dark chocolate drink was def the best I have ever had! Seriously get your butt in there! Here are a few shots of the café and the pastries.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            After grabbing coffee and a few pastries we headed outside and chatted…



My awesome coffee!


Seriously what a night, what a God, what a blessing! There is no place I would rather be than here in Sydney, Australia. Thank you Jesus for friendships and your love and grace!

With Love,



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