A weekend of Paddy’s

I just have to say that I have visited one of the coolest places here in Sydney! PADDY’S MARKET!!! It is so awesome! It is all indoor vendors, and as soon as you walk into that place it is bustling! They have beautiful exotic fruits, imported handbags, Aussie outdoor wear, and anything and EVERYTHING! The atmosphere is so alive with vendors shouting, “Two for five!” And selling fish left and right! I wish I could say I got more pictures but sadly we were moving so fast I didn’t have time to snap as much as I would like. After Paddy’s market we wondered around Darling Harbour, had some dinner, headed out in the rain and bought some coffee in the Seven Eleven near China Town, and headed back to Penrith on the train; it was such a nice time. It was such a nice weekend. Friday we just had a quiet evening eating schones and watching Beastly. It was actually a nice movie, cute take on Beauty and the Beast. Sunday we headed to church and afterwards watched some RUGBY!! Go SOUTH AFRICA though Australia beat em’ lets hope the ALL BLACKS bring it home! And than we just watched the notebook til one in the morning. Monday found us waking up until ten in the morning. We took it easy until we had a bbq down by the lake. It was so beautiful! I wish I had my camera but it had died. Here are some pics from Paddy’s market! It was a weekend full of laughs! God is good! OH and btw, today Monday worked a miracle! Might blog on this soon! My writing juices need to start flowing!!!


Paddy’s Market! Seriously once in a lifetime experience if your in Sydney! You will absolutely love it!


Inside Paddy’s market! Would’ve taken more photos but there were so many people moving at 100 km an hour!!!


Aunty Glynnes, Giovonne, Me, Gretchen, Gershwyn, and Angelique in front of Paddy’s Market.


The Chinese gardens, sadly we couldn’t go in Sad smile


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