Just because…

I’m looking out my window and I see lights illuminating windows, and balconies in need of company. It’s autumn back home now, and Spring here brings with it a lot of rain and room for thought. I’m missing the sound of pumpkin spices, and the crunching of leafs beneath my feet, the smell of cinnamon, and that first sip of Starbucks coffee on a cool autumn morning. I’m trying to capture the memories. On how every time I head to the ocean I can smell the salt, and feel the ocean breeze running through my hair. Nights where all I could do is gaze at the city lights and hear the church bells ringing reminding me of something greater than me, a “Welcome Home,” sign, slicing oranges in the morning, catching elevator flights, dancing all night with  Fuelers.’ Laying in vacant parking lots, gazing at the stars, seeing ships in the ocean, flat whites, bush gazing. Tears, laughs, smiles, heartache, redemption. Rainy mornings, massive trees, seats with millions of fingerprints, trains heading nowhere and everywhere. Toes in sand, a room full of treasure only we could see and understand. Letters worth more than gold… life at the end of phone calls, discovering the beauty of bread and jam… eighteen dollar bananas, cashew’s galore. Salivating pigs infront of the hospital. Gardens England would envy, A place to come home and lay your head, seeing gold in the ugly… perspective is a lovely thing to behold. Bookstores on Valentino’s, faces and places never seen never known. Conversing with strangers on the street, rediscovering the raw beauty of a God who is Able. Four lovely boys, a tender family and an unending love… a Supacenta in desoerate need of variety, and Sampson reincarnate… Snapshots… snapshots…snapshots… Boy. Meets. World. Tim Tams and coffee on a cold night… Jesus weaving beauty beyond me….A Lebanon fish staring back at me…feeling free yet so small…. A coffee shop with bicycle seats..leaving tracks in all the places Jesus & I trod…

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.
John Burroughs


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