Its 9:38 and it might as well be midnight. There are no sounds except the squeaky floor boards, the sound of airplanes taking off overhead, and the occasional rhythm of the clicking and ticking of this keyboard. I find myself stunned at how fast life can change, yet how much peace one can feel when one knows this has got to be God.

I just took a moment to look at today and I cannot believe I am here. That everyday God offers an opportunity for me to die to myself. I am amazed to see the beauty of hearts that give so much and ask for so little in return. I take a look at Alicia’s heart. She has opened up her home and invited me a stranger to become a part of her family. I take a look at the gentleness and grace she teaches her five boys with. No matter how many times they “muck” it up, as the Aussies say, she still loves them unconditionally and melts when they batt those eyelashes…

Today I let a three year old drive a car (imaginary of course), we made hats out of plastic bags, had sushi, and made shadows underneath the cavern bunks. Yes, today five little boys made it so much better than my day could’ve been. I spend my morning moving my belongings, because thats what God loves to do… take you out of the comfort and take you to new levels that will challenge you… raising up the bar. What a guy…

Today I said “see ya later” (because I know this isn’t the end, we are in the same country in the same complex) to one of the awesomest flat mate and sister anyone could ever have; Angelique Green. This woman has an incredible heart like David’s a true Godly woman and warrior. Always standing her ground always perservering, always seeing the world through different set of eyes… the eyes of Jesus. Angelique I will miss sharing the same flat with you, but I know that we are still sharing the same life in a sense. I will always be here for you, I have learned so much from you. And I just want to say thank you, there are just not enough words…I am believing for the best in your life.. you better invite me to your wedding… and we better continue our crazy adventures! Your my sister until forever… okay I am almost in tears… Simply stated I love you….

So here I be, in this beautiful home with five precious boys and two beautiful amazing people of God. I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I know God holds tomorrow. Its back to square one, yet its a million steps forward…

I know this post may not make sense but I just felt like documenting this new season I will embark on with Jesus…

deep breaths…

here I go…


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