Love like Fire

He dares to enter the fiery furnace to win us back to Him. He dares to make himself vulnerable to our ridicule and misunderstandings of who He truly is. He wipes our spit from His face and dares to love us with all that he is; dares to embrace us and clothe us in garments of gold, simply because His essence is love, dares to chase after us with a  jealousy that is actually pure and utterly beautiful…

He got low before me took the towel in his hand and began to wash my feet.  He began to cleanse and heal me. Caring too much to leave me broken and bruised, cared too much to leave me dirty and  enslaved to myself. He would lovingly and willingly take those nails for me, he would take my nakedness and take it upon himself. He would dare to call me friend and watch as I betrayed Him for meaningless silver.

His heart would rejoice as I would simply touch the hem of His robe…He would cry at my grief. Sadden at my unbelief. Rejoice in my repentance.

He would win me back from the wilderness as He did with Hosea’s wife. He would captivate me with His tender words and appear before me once again rejoicing and dancing over me. He would let me drink of the cup of his hand, let me breathe him in and allow me to be a part of this brand new story. All the while reminding me not to be afraid… but reminding me to simply hold His hand for He is my strength… and my heart is so frail without His touch.

For I am the woman that comes with nothing but a meaningless alabaster jar of perfume. I break it at his feet knowing that I am unworthy, that I am a sinner that has no right to kneel before Him. I cant help but cry because my heart knows He is the only one that can make me whole. I can only cry and wash his feet with my tears and wipe them with my hair… but it appears that he doesn’t care about the things that I have done; for He looks at me with eyes filled with love… real love…

He is writing my story with his pen of mercy. Smiling at ever period and comma, filling every page with love and grace, with significance, passion and purpose.

He is romancing me at every turn… captivating my simple heart with the ways of a King, being gentle all the same. Fighting to win all of me, covering me in his garments, loving me as a daughter, as an heiress; a true daughter of a heavenly king.

For he has engraved me on the palms of his hands… and He will not relent until He has it all. For He is an all consuming flame… a jealous God who dares to love every piece of me. Who levels the mountains beneath my feet, who brings down the stars for me, who awakens my heart with every dawn, and overtakes me with the sound of the sea…

This love will never be understood… but no doubt that His love is real. Stronger than the rushing of many waters… Insurmountable, incomprehensible, never ending, all consuming…


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