Narnia: A Reflection



Sometimes I feel like Lucy from Narnia. I feel like somehow I managed to stumble from the normal course of existence into something that is worth it all. Something that is real and accessible and tangible, something catapulting me into something greater than me.

At first it appeared to be just an ordinary door, trying to see past all the furry coats and the wooden boards beneath my feet. Yet slowly but surely my feet feel it, with a crunch, crunch… a cold breeze… I see it. It is blanketing everything around it in itself. Tiny white puffs falling, falling from the sky above. A winter wonderland.

“This is what it looks like”… I tell myself. This is what it looks like when you choose to walk in the kingdom. This is what it looks like when your heart surrenders to all God has prepared. This is what it looks like when you allow yourself to dance in the rain…You can’t explain it, it  just happens… you stumble upon it all; like a freight train. It is as simple as making a silly choice as walking into a wardrobe, and just by this small act you manage to see more than you could ever imagine.

I believe this is just the beginning. When I let myself breathe and exhale in this place I realize that this is a dream come true. That all of this is much more than a wardrobe. That all of this is God breathed His promise “incarnated” all around me, captivating me in the way the trees are crafted and in the way the sky sets and rises before a deep blue sea, and the way hearts manage to love people.

Sure, there are days that the snow gets into my shoes and gives me wet socks, but its alright… seeing all this at the cost of wet shoes is perfectly alright. I am smacked in the middle of all that God is and seeing Him more than I ever could have if I’d  never would have walked into that  dusty old wardrobe.

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”
C.S. Lewis

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