April-A Time for Reflection


Skyscrapers stand tall before the backdrop of a cold April Afternoon. Winter has arrived and has invaded the warmth of our home like an old friend. It tells us that the holidays are around the corner, and makes us feel as though we will wake up to frost and snow. Sadly, this is not so. Christmas is not around the corner except more rain and cold nights that come way too soon. And no snow.

April has surprised me. God has done more than I thought possible and His tangibility has been all too real. I’ve experienced once again the wonder of my first love. Rediscovering Him in an all new ways. Finally cutting cords that I held on to for so long. Relinquished… melting beneath His glory.

This month has birthed new ideas, desires, visions and passions. I’ve had to listen to the voice of God telling me to take a leap of faith and I have watched as blessings have poured out in unimaginable ways. I got handed 155 dollars, given a pair of prescription glasses exactly when I needed them, and just about seen miracles.


This month has found me breathing a little steadier, and believing a little harder. Its been a nostalgic month, and a releasing month. It has set foundations and has expanded my lungs and endurance in ways I never thought possible. I’m finding out who I am.. within Him.

I got a chance to pray with a man with Cancer, I witnessed something terrible, I played chess with a broken man, we’ve brought the life of Christ into communities, experienced the unimaginable (800 people sitting in the rain to hear the Gospel) and created memories.


(Image courtesy our Senior Pastor)

Memories of having communion inside a coffee shop that consisted of cheesecake and hot chocolate… drinking apple cider in the coolness of the Sydney evening… ventured among her streets trying to make sense of it all, rode in a car, experienced Bunnings and having lunch inside a closet… God is nothing short of wondrous….

Lets see what May holds… but something tells me it will be the best one yet. Let’s believe together friends for newness in our lives… to live and not merely exist. From one believer to another.

Be blessed, and take it all in. Every moment… every second… because God is always revealing something… take in the little things because I have found those are the places God likes to dwell the most.

Until next time from one corner of the world to another.


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