Sun Kissed


Photo: Courtesy of my great friend Stacy Allen.

Sunsets tell a euphoric  story.

It is as if God uses sunsets to paint a goodbye in the sky, a way to add a relief in our day, a simple whisper of “I love you…”a final reminder of His love a glimpse of hope… as we let the chaos melt in his presence… before we tuck ourselves into our warm beds and our heads hit the pillows.

It is as if he paints sunsets to remind us that there is still beauty left in the world… that he is still making things new and magnificent… and that we need not  fear because His mercies will be all anew again tomorrow.

What would happen if we viewed this sunset as a goodbye to all the things we hated and clinged to all the good that happened in our day? Like a sun kissed glow upon our lips, choosing to get lost in His goodness and majesty.

Tonight, before the sun went down I heard stories that gave me a million reasons to rejoice in a sunset. To believe in His sunset.

Sunsets remind me that I live for greater purpose than myself. My life is meant so that he may paint what is around me in a greater color… into a greater sunset. 

Sunsets are euphoric. Our creator is euphoric.


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