Reflections From the Valley

578060_10150963645418322_1053275327_nWe sat and watched the sunset paint away at the sky and begin to embrace the night. It was as though God too, was closing his eyes and bidding a doo to another day -or perhaps to a million years  what is time to God anyways?-  and the colors in the far distance were simply the color of his big, great, terrific yawn. We watched this phenomenon from the veranda, each of us sipping our coffee and munching away at our Tim-Tams and letting the chaos of a nine hour work day melt off our shoulders. There was no need for too many words we all knew it. The view in front of us was too beautiful to to miss a moment of. The wallabies were grazing as they only do in Australia and we just watched… We watched until the sun covered the valley and its fields in golden light, and until our eyes were heavy with sleep.

I had prayed for this only three months earlier. I had begun to get weary and 601041_10150963639658322_2115232739_n
tired and simply needed a retreat. I needed to get away to a place that would quiet and still my soul. Who would have thought that I would be watching the sunset in Hunter Valley in the cold July afternoon and feeling as though my insides could breathe as they would extract everything in my system until only the voice of God remained, and pulsed through every neuron .  Who would have thought that my small voice a midst thousands on this vast planet would be heard through the cumulus clouds and rise like a sweet vapor of a whisper to my father’s ears? 

(He answered this small prayer by sending me as a volunteer to our church’s staff retreat, to be a part of the key team to host the children’s program; two things which I love kids, and country all free of charge, accommodation in this gorgeous house where we watched the sky dance in color.)

292196_10150963645588322_1589626041_nI say all this friends to simply say this: God is able to do far above all that we hope and imagine;  and as perhaps a vain -or not so vain attempt to remind myself that God cares and he takes to heart the desires of our hearts. I have desired nothing more than to go home for the holidays and as I wait in patience (never easy) I will choose to remember all the good and beauty and bounty that He has crowned my year with. And it does not have to look financial (which he did come through in this way) but by remembering every blessing that He sent from his store-house irregardless of what might happen next… 

From the sunset I had the honor to witness, to the two month old baby I held 485644_10150963636523322_1612938406_nin my arms today, to the house that sat above the river as I again began to be filled with wonder as I watched tiny sail boats sifting along the currents of the river below… 

Let’s remind ourselves friends that: “He works all things for the good of those who love Him…”

Blessings and hugs to you friends from one corner of the world to another… 

*All photography from my great friend Stacy Allen from our trip to Hunter Valley July 2012.


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