John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens when your busy making other plans.” For me, life is what was happening while I was busy waiting for a big moment. I was ready for it and believed that the rest of my life would fade into the background, and that my big moment would carry me through life like a lifeboat. –Shauna Niequist

As 2012 becomes a distant memory of wins, loses, accomplishments, finished & unfinished things, found and lost things the looming horizon raises questions of “What’s?” “How’s” “Where’s” and “Whom?” and the “Defining Moment.”

I am not going to lie I myself thought life would come down to one specific moment that would forever change my life. Its something a long the lines of a movie finish moment; guy meets girl and they run off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But in this life of ebbs and flows we come to a realization that the ending of something is the beginning of another and so forth. And yesterday as I laid my worries down to my beautiful Canadian friend June, she took a moment to impart some of her great life lessons that she learned through her “traveling” lifestyle. She said that she discovered that its not all “One Moment,” but that life is a series of little moments that allow you to breathe in the goodness of God. She explained the life journey as a paradox held in tension. She said that while she lived in England she learned to expect nothing but the best from God. Paradox. Expecting nothing, yet only the best from God. She went on to say that life with God is a series of one adventure to the next, and once we begin to feel like we are “complacent” (not to be mixed up with contentment) than maybe, just maybe we are not seeking out Gods voice, because lets face it we do not serve in ordinary God but a God who is always up to new and great things.

My darling friend went on to say with great excitement that she loves her life with God because its always so fresh and new, and beautiful. She said that she could not imagine people who do not have God in their lives because she could not fathom having to write her whole life on her own. This girl has witnessed God take her on incredible journey that is all her own, and His and ours (for she is all about others). From the snow covered land of Montreal Canada, to the quaint towns of England, to the laid back sunny coast of Sydney she has seen the hand of God every step of the way opening doors only He could. And although I voiced my concerns of “floundering around aimlessly” she gave me two pieces of advice. 1-your young your allowed to flounder & 2-If you are being faithful and stewarding what’s in your hand for God & you truly love Him do whatever you want. Sure, you will run into people who will think of it as floundering, but trust me do not let them get to you God will use anything… There will come a time when you will find it necessary to stabilize yourself, but even then don’t forget that we can always do a little more.”

You, see friends we live in a society that tells us that if we do not have a 9-5 job and a white picket fence than there is something wrong with us, and to put things into perspective if that is your life don’t think there’s something wrong with you, but remember to find ways to let God breathe all over it. I was reading recently from a fellow (amazing) blogger that she has the life she has ever wanted. Two sweet children, a home she recently renovated with her wonderful husband, she finds that there might be more and she’s afraid of leaving her “comfort” zone because her husband is a dreamer, yet there is a side of her that knows deep down there is more to step out into. And that may be as simple as sponsoring a child, or getting involved in a family mission trip (whatever that may be that their family is able to steward). But it’s not about getting “stuck” (for lack of better words) or “complacent” with what we think is the “One Moment” and forget that there is always something we can do, and as we continue to dance with God on this Dance of Life, we will discover more little moments (leading a bible study for others to find their purpose, teaching children to be generous in a relational creative way, taking a gap-year etc) that will fill our hearts and lives to overflowing to living a purpose driven life. 

So as this year comes to a close may we remember that life is about a lot of little moments strung across the spectrum of time. Lets make every moment count and not just getting by. And may this coming year of 2013 be filled with purpose and of stepping out in ways we never could have imagined. We may not have a defining moment that will serve as our life boat, but we must remember that Christ is the Life Boat, and we live in a beautiful suspended paradox of expecting nothing but the best from God.


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