The Current Musings

The Current Musings

1. Pink flowers- Sydney is turning cold so there is something beautiful about flowers that are still in bloom.
2. Hawaiian coffee and Arnott’s biscuits, nothing like this combination to kick the blues when the weather outside is frightful.
3. Journalying- keeping track of the good, and bad and lessons of life-writing down observations.
4. Cold Tangerines- {Shauna Niequist} learning to embrace life and see the small shimmers of sparkle, joy & love in the mundane of everyday.
5. {Chef Marco Pierre White’s Bio} ever since I started working at a restaurant in Sydney with a passionate chef, I got hooked on food, the presentation & of course MasterChef, so I decided to read the bio of a well known English chef… really interesting stuff… my cooking has approved may I add.
7. My KeepCup (that I purchased as a memento in Melbourne) makes me feel better on cloudy days, filled with my Hawaiian coffee that was given to me as a gift last year, by a woman from Kona notnetheless.

The Current Sounds: Matt Kearney “City of Black & White…” & a lot of Norah Jones. Anything “Autumnish”

My Current Art Muse & Inspiration: Oliver Jeffers, Rifle & Co & Frankie Magazine.

I’m still here and still blogging occasionally…. May you have a great week ahead friends… will try and write soon!



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