Belgium Chocolate

*A small reflection I made in my journal a while back, and although it may be a bit abstract I hope it manages to speak to you even on a small scale. 

Have a great week friends


C360_2011-06-23 11-14-47

Today I went to May’s house Lord, and you know that every time I go to her house I get blessed in more ways than one… and like she said or rather Robert Fergusson said, “The more you recognize a blessing the more blessed you will become…” recognizing Lord that a bag of rice and old Australian cheese is a big blessing means I must be learning something. That in this place you have managed to weave a fiber into my being that says, “Every gift is from Him.”

So in the coolness of the July winter afternoon you spoke to us, and you met us in the antiquated comfort of her home, amidst cold floorboards and blue snug sofas, and over a cup of  warm Belgium hot chocolate… and we spoke about you, and you filled the empty spaces with your warm sweet breath… we talked about how amazed we were at the young guy from NYC whom is a modern day Psalmist… reminding us of  how simple and breathtaking the Gospel is because you simply, ”have us forever.” And though the Mumbai little boy recognizes your essence in a way that is totally significant, the demographic similarities between us and the young bloke from NYC pulled at our heartstrings and reminded us of the power of Relevance.

We talked on how embodied Lord you are in every moment, weaving it to become something of meaning… breathing something out of nothing: On how during the setup for conference as I watched the man connect cables, how so much is going on in their minds yet, out in their external world all that is happening is the many connections of cables being made how effete and empty a life can be with just motion, yet You breathe on it and make it become more… a story: a family, a passionate pursuit, a tangible live able experience… you make it worth more than it can be. We talked on how, “the bigger the storm or tempest, the greater the Whisper and Calm.” On how I felt so clouded yet your voice amidst the chaos can penetrate through and cause such tranquility, calm, and peace. This is the power of Your whisper… (my soul imagining the power of your Shout.)

And in her exquisiteness May talked about the heaviness that embodied her chest, yet the power of your word leaving a trail of breath… We learned of the power of your greatness of joy that takes residence in our hearts so we do not worry of today’s dimming light… all over a cup of Belgium Hot Chocolate shared with a friend or two (You)… 

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