The Sweet Disposition of Life


One’s usual mood; temperament: a sweet disposition. b : temperamental makeup; c : the tendency of something to act in a certain manner under given circumstances via: Merriam-Webster & The Free Dictionary.

I watched him as I drank my flat white and munched away at my strawberry tart. He was rushing no where and the busyness of the café and the flurry of people seemed to have no impact on him. He looked to be in his fifties and he was as peaceful as a lily sifting on a pond on a breezy summer day. He gently poured the milk into his tea and once he was finished he took out the paper and began to read; but what shook me was he did it all with a smile.

As I kept looking throughout the room I realized that he was the happiest of all the people there, including me. There could’ve been millionaires in the room but I guarantee you there was no one in that café richer than this elderly man. As I continued to watch him, I tried to understand what he could possibly have or contain that made him so happy, and then it came to me: this man was delicately wrapped around contentment. (A place I hope to one day live in).

He had a sweet disposition towards life that seemed as steady as an anchor at the bottom of the ocean floor.

I want contentment like this.

I want to have a steadiness in me that allows me to marinate in life. To marinate in what I do have at the moment and not “wish” it away. Because maybe, just maybe what I have been dealt holds a treasure deep down somewhere. I know God wants me to slow down, and soak in all his goodness, to have the patience that love demands, the courage in daily afflictions yet also to pour the milk in my coffee nice and slow and to simply remember that past all the ruble life is beautiful…That the act of breathing in itself demands a smile. The fact that our family members are still so close as to hear their heartbeat should demand praise. We seem to look at the world as though it is half empty-and there is truth for that, but there is also truth for hope, richness (not always in money), and life being born over and over again.

Maybe our aim should be to have this sweet disposition towards life,  a makeup consisting of our creator and whom he says we are, and for our earth clay bodies to be wrapped around gratitude and set firmly upon His immortal hand.

I want to be like the sunrise and the sunset. Rising gently, quietly illuminating and giving life, and I want to set ever so genteel and leave brushstrokes of colour in my wake. I want to be like the old man not rushing throughout life, but above all I want to be like Jesus loving fearlessly and relentlessly.

I want a sweet disposition type of life… a content life, and a life wrapped around eternal hope.


Picture via: Mathijs Delva 


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