100: The Honey Years


Today we  had the privilege to celebrate one of our beloved nursing homes residents. He turned the ripe old age of 100! TEN decades of life! I cannot begin to imagine the many things he has seen come and go in life. This man is nothing short of extraordinary having served in WW2 and having loved his wife until the very end of their many years together.

But what resonates with me is how grateful he was to simply receive a birthday card from us. We have gone in and out of that specific nursing home over this past year and all we have brought is simple silly board games and our presence. And every single time without fail they were beyond happy and grateful always leaving us feeling like super heroes. I wish I could give them the whole wide world, but sadly I cannot. Yet even if I could I know that they wouldn’t want it anyway.

They have reached a stage in their lives that has made them sweet and slow like honey witnessing life in bursts of simplicity and color. They have shared stories so deep about themselves that have left me impacted, and made me feel mellifluous (if I can even use the word) like I have become so much more of a person simply by hearing small pockets of who they are.


They are like hidden treasures each with a facet of life that I have been oblivious to. They have revealed to me that there are parts of the human experience I cannot even begin to understand:like being half of a whole, the hurt and pain that comes from being a parent, and what it means to forget the things that have meant so much. They wear their stories on their skin and love on their sleeves and pure simplicity on their tongues.

I’m done with over complication. Done with believing that life is a competition.

I will begin to embrace today in hope and love.

And I pray that I celebrate more than I over-complicate.

So to my beloved residents that I love oh so much… thank you for making me feel as though anything is possible, for complimenting me and loving me as your own, for inviting me into you and reminding me of what it means to simply love and the sweetness of simplicity.



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