New Zealand Mirth

We all nestled in the house perched above paradise and the Shotover River. The mountains stood majestic against the backdrop of a clear blue sky and the birds chirped away gaily through the limbs of the many trees.

N E W Z E A L A N D 101

Little did I know what beauty not only lay in the physical landscape of New Zealand, but also in a metaphysical sense. New Zealand would prove to be such a God breathed time that even now still leaves me with many things to ponder.

New Zealand was a time of celebration of many sorts, we drank champagne at the engagement of two of our very good friends, we celebrated my friends 21st birthday with a casino themed birthday party and played my first game of blackjack, watched Lord of the Rings til’ one in the morning because why wouldn’t you? We got lost on one occasion and almost plummeted to our doom, and drank too much coffee and visited many wonderful places-all  picture postcard perfection. 

I witnessed the beauty of a family so open and loving to one another, and the hospitality they extended to us went above and beyond. Seeing my friends dad give a speech about my friend (his son) was truly remarkable, and welcoming our dear friend to the family made me think that maybe one day this would be true of my family.

It snowed one day in particular and my dear Singaporean friends were in jubilee at their first snow. I drank tea with nan and pa and talked about life and the possibility of London and the continuous momentum of life- and they reminded me that it all goes a lot faster than I might think.

N E W Z E A L A N D 115

We awoke to this view every morning, visited quirky town spots and soaked up life. We felt so renewed and so loved by the Hilary family that we kept telling ourselves “This has been the best trip yet!” And it was a moment that helped me release my life in Australia, and look forward to the one awaiting me in America.

God’s majesty was displayed throughout our whole trip from Mt. Cook to the little nestled towns of Queenstown.

It was a moment of bliss and deep mirth. A moment of starting over and saying goodbye to many of our dear friends, all gathering from our own corners of the world-Denmark, Texas, Sweden, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, and America. We all found ourselves in Sydney and now on a final trip we cried and hugged and said, “see you later.”

New Zealand and Australia will always hold a special piece of my heart, simply because God was so tangible and it was such a massive walk of faith: a place where I learned more of myself and began a process of restoration and identity.

Until next time friends.

**I have officially been back for ten days, will write some more soon (I hope- I have a lot to get done with university and family and job hunting). And will post pictures of my New Zealand trip. Blessings!


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