Wondering. Wandering.

I want a plane ticket that takes me to Heathrow airport and leaves me in the middle of another great adventure by the Atlantic Ocean. I guess once you taste the thrill of living in another place and seeing life in new bursts of colour the thirst will never truly be quenched.

It’s a blessing to be  near my friends and family is all so wonderful and also  bitter sweet. Everything seems so routine and ordinary… as though I am a washing machine just cycling through with absolutely no pulse. I know that everything is a season and as it comes it will also come to pass, but I am realizing that patience would be truly a virtue in this season. Like with Australia I will hold off my dreams and desires in a treasure chest.

I will purchase that book with the place I want to travel to, and I will cling to it until the day comes for me to once again set sail- or flight- to a new place: to a place of newfound discovery. I am living proof that humans are never truly content. I am proof that sometimes when we are in a certain stage in life we want to cannonball into the next swimming pool  filled with new excitement.
I believe there’s nothing wrong with that. I am a firm believer in dreaming, and I know that there have been moments that my fear has led me to believe that what I hold in my heart in impossible, but I am so glad that I hold an even bigger truth in my heart; which is that God, “Is able to do above and beyond all that I hope and imagine.” I know he will work his wonderful mysterious, magical ways in my life in ways that make no sense and in ways that breed the most amazement.

Although I find myself restless and navigating the new season of university and life, I will continue to tell myself that it is okay to dream to aspire, and to shout at my fear with truth and let it know that God isn’t done with me yet.

I know that I will once again find myself in a place that brings so much tears to my eyes because of the life of joy that I am feeling inside that simply can’t be expressed. I don’t know in what for its coming in the next couple of months and years… but I will believe that it is a wonderful cup I am drinking.

In the wise words of my friend, “…The world is not done with you yet. You will again find yourself somewhere off the grid with only Jesus by your side. Once you’ve lived it, you can’t ignore it, and when you can’t ignore it…you go out and find it.”


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