Noah Days

*A reflection I made in my journal a while back regarding my current season. I hope it manages to speak to you if you find yourself in a similar season. All the best friends. –Diana


Sunsets & Weddings 067


I am sitting in our living room and all is silent except for the occasional groan of the refrigerator and Bon Iver singing Holocene…and in this moment there is a part of me that wishes to float away daintily like a balloon released by the hands of a careless child. This morning as I read 1Peter (the book I always go to when my heart is feeling heavy) there was one line that particularly stood out to me. “You know, even though God waited patiently all the days that Noah built the ship…(the MSG)” And it made me realize that I am not alone in my waiting and occasional confusion. Noah for many many years built a ship that caused him not only great ridicule, unconventionality but time and effort. Many people did not understand why the ship was being built (maybe not even Noah himself), but Noah had faith in God. He had obedience and a steadfast devotion to God only stopping when God gave the word. Those very laborious years in retrospect were nothing compared to the promise that God had given Noah. Yet sometimes in our lives its those very laborious years-hurtful, gritting-years we wish to bypass. Right now I wish life were a TiVo so I could just fast forward and skip all the horrible commercials, and wait. Deep down I know though that the very steady hand of God is carrying me through as I hammer and place boards down in a boat I don’t see vision in, but He does. And as this foundation of ship, heart, life and faith continues I will continue to build and let God fortify what he needs to in me. It’s not easy its hurtful and it downright sucks, yet the word says I will reap a harvest if I do not give up.

So I’ll continue to build blindly believing in the true anchor and master architect.


What about you friend what is God refining? What is he teaching you in the “waiting season?”

Blessings and am believing for Gods best in your individual lives.



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