Shadow Days & Lavender



Days have come and gone in one monotonous swoop, taking away with it time, summer, writing  and bringing along the first crisp autumnal air of nostalgia.

Sometimes in the midst of everyday life (studying, studying and more studying) I forget that the beauty of simplicity is all around me. I forget that the new crispiness of the weather allows me to wear my favourite olive jumper that I purchased from my favourite store in Sydney, and amidst its stitching the memories loom of drinking coffee in the Flinders alleyways of Melbourne and the breathtaking and chilling waft of New Zealand, and the many lazy Sydney winters curled up in my bedroom.

However, the weaving of memories and delicate moments does not end there… this season is a new time to add to the wear and tare in new intricate ways. It begins with sun tinted afternoons at the park beside my dear friend rubbing shoulders and hoping in tomorrow, and picking lavender alongside the local shrubs like hidden treasure. It stretches to the coffee of Zendo and Giuseppes on Gold and 3rd and begins to smell of southern home cooking, absorbing hugs of mum and family and hairs from our pup.

I’m learning to be a sweater ever present and ever molding and absorbing my surroundings, finding beauty like an explorer taking in every miniscule detail, lighting my flashlight in the deepest cracks and choosing or daring to call it beautiful and divine.

soft light

These may be my shadow days but I’ll weather them nice and slow and patiently. Believing that amidst my hardest days I’ll become shaped and acclimated to the seasons of life, wearing my favourite jumper and taking in the smell of lavender…slowly, breathing, exhaling…

Brewing happiness in Malaysian dark tea, with one sugar and milk blending my past and my present hoping and believing in the future, and the one whom holds it all together.

So friends, marinate, marinate in your family and in small things that bring you small joy and embrace and weather your shadow days as though embracing an old friend.




*All photos used  are my own.

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