A Hope Reflection

I held him in my arms as his little chest heaved up and down; caught  in the circadian rhythm of new life.

A surge of hope held in my arms.

Tears welling at this little gift from God, seeing the joy deep in my friends eyes, as she radiated with the joy that only a new mother could exude.

And in this magical moment entwining itself in my ordinary life I began to feel this warm surge of newness dawn upon my heart and spirit. Is it possible that something so fragile and beautiful can be born in the midst of winter? In the mist of trees whose leafs are unable to hold on anymore?

I love that about God.

bleh 130trees

I love that hope appears when your not looking for it. That it appears when its so far away from your radar… descending upon you so mysteriously like a newborn child. Reminding you that its there just waiting for you to extend your exasperated hands, illuminating the possible.

Needing no condition in order to fill you again.

In this season when things feel naked like the limbs of trees I am finding hope surge in the smallest of ways, so small that if I blink I might miss them. I see God reminding me of his steady hand in my life through drives down Beach Dr., and his whispers of gold and orange across the sky and leafs sweeping below my feet.

Hope is never absent because if hope is summed up in God, and there is no lack of God then there is no lack of hope.

And friend if you find yourself alone and dreading the coming holiday season remember where hope comes from. It comes from the lone source that is God the incessant being that cares about your ordinary life, your brokenness, and cold joy that you try to mask. He is the Hope, the one who is whispering and drawing your eyes back unto him… past your uncertainties, anxieties and defeats.

He’ll find you where you are and resurrect hope. Open your eyes and ears, open your arms and be ready to receive it all.


You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety.  You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor.

Job 11:18-19




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