Beginnings at Boronia Lane

Wandering down Bornia Lane in Surrey Hills was always a time of wonder. This smug alleyway contained design offices with wide windows, and as we would walk down the alleyway with coffee in hand we were always so awestruck. Occasionally peeking through the glass we would see designers adding splashes of color to their designs and sipping the long blacks and flat whites meeting deadlines while looking fabulous.

We loved these walks. Not only because we were artists at heart, but there was just something magical about people doing they’re craft and being passionate while doing so. We loved looking not only at their designs but at the architecture of the building, with high ceiling lights, wooden floors, pearly Mac computers with a touch of bohemia.

photo (9)vscocam_1385674411.568352.0

And this was perhaps the beginning of my love affair with photography. I’ve always loved art and painting… but upon living in Australia my passion for photography went to the next level. I desperately wanted to be able to capture endless scenes frozen in time, and on my first trip outside Sydney to its wonderful neighbor Melbourne, my camera broke at the Twelve Apostles… Melbourne had stolen my heart and also my camera on the very first day.

So you can only imagine how I felt when we arrived at the CBD and was enamored by all the nooks containing wonder and curiosities at every turn… (Oh, Degraves street how I miss you), the possibility of terrific captures frozen only in the chasm of my memory.

Upon my return to Sydney during the wake of summer I took on a job at a restaurant (so I could purchase my first SLR Canon camera) where my love for food and its presentation became an art form. There was nothing like venturing into the restaurant kitchen and see the creation of beautiful plates consisting of duck pancakes and delicately prepared tea steamed scallops. To the chef that shared stories of his humble beginnings and his inspiration. I was beginning to view the world in an abundance of stories, each person like a mason jar containing treasures to tell, and secrets to keep.


When my camera first arrived I was like a little kid whom had just discovered and comprehended Christmas. I tore open the box and was excited and afraid of this incredible mechanism, unsure of how to hold it or how to apply its lens. On my first (very cautious) venture with my camera I felt alive behind the lens… I felt like I had begun to discover part of Gods master plan.

That camera has been more than just a camera it has been a way of worship to a magnificent God and His terrific creation, and its been a camera that has captured some of my greatest memories across oceans and mountaintops.

I’ve been shaped by every moment and my inspiration and my work as an artist (if I dare call myself that) will always begin at Boronia Lane.

Suffice it to say friends, no matter where the origin of your dream began the space or time-in a coffee shop, in a dream, in the shower… wherever it origin-just go for it. Begin to dig into it and research and fan into flame all that you feel led to do. For ultimately these wonderful gifts belong to God and if they belong to God than he’ll move amidst them.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get through university and obtain my degree in journalism and photography for there are days I feel like it’ll never happen, but all we can do is try and believe that through our talents we have stories to tell, and people to help, and a God to magnify.

Until next time,


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