For Dad: An Early Ode for Fathers Day


You allow me to chase my dreams no matter how far they are-an ocean away for one.

Your work ethic is inspiring, and you do everything with passion; we are more alike than we think.

I get my creative side from you. You’re a carpenter and painter by trade you work with your hands, and take pride in seeing my artwork and attempt to understand it.

Phone calls were our lifeline for a while-Australia was too far.

You love my mom in a way that is truly your own, and help her in everyway you can, always aiming higher.

You are the handyman fixing everything from clogged pipes to maintaining my Jeep-because God knows I can’t understand car jargon to save my life. You are also a life size food disposal. Where does it all go?

We have secret handshakes and mannerisms only we understand.

You’ve opened our home to a homeless youth and provided all you could-there were some bumps along the way but in the end we saw him become the young man he was meant to be.

You’ve pulled through some hard stuff, you gave up what you thought you couldn’t and today your all the better and happier for it.

And greatest of all, you’ve actually let us have a dog-huge milestone for us.

I love you dad… your one of my greatest heroes flaws and all. Because no real hero is perfect-only perfectly human, and you are one exceptional man.

Hugs and tackles and Happy Early Fathers Day!

Cheers, and grab a cold one.


*Snapshots I took of my dad as he worked on our yard













I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.

Hedy Lamarr


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I could especially relate to the photo with the bottle of beer. When I was a small child, my father would let me have a sip of his beer. Now that my father is gone, whenever I have a taste for a beer, it is because I am recalling those special moments.

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