Michigan: Crisp, Magical, Delicious

*I will post the new travel photos of Michigan very soon under the travels page section of my blog, and more on blog posts soon.

A week in Michigan turned out to be the breath of fresh air and escape that my body desperately needed. Michigan picked me up, squeezed me, and gave me a great big hug. I was reunited with my best friend after exactly a year a part. She showed up at the airport with a big welcome sign, we embraced in tears and excitement, and she even brought me soup! (Since my stomach was in knots after 17 hours of travel).


I was welcomed into the home of four extraordinary girls who taught me so much in the very little time I was there. Their kitchen wall was painted yellow, suiting the bright personality of everyone there. Nothing says home like yellow right? I felt cocooned in warmth and in fertile soil, and I was reminded that there are people out there in this world that fight to make each day count and embed it with magic, I was reminded that there are people out there who are genuinely interested in hearing the stories of strangers, and offer a glimpse into their own world while loving God so fully, like a never ending all you can eat buffet. 

I ventured around the nestled town of Traverse City and was enamored at the cordiality and kindness of a small town and its people. I ventured to the peninsulas and was amazed at the beauty of what is Michigan, lush green vineyards overlooking the lake and kissing it’s shores, while trees stand like giants soaking the sun.

I would wake every morning to a view of the bay, I felt the water brush against my toes and almost cried at seeing something so blue in such a long time. The blue expanse whisking me back to wandering days at the beaches in Sydney.

The heart really does grow fonder in absence of something-and my absence had been oceans, lakes and sea.


We were invited into the home of a great-great-grandmother who told us the story of her Christmas farm, as her great-great-granddaughter gave us a tour of the farm her enthusiasm revealing to us a secret that left us in awestruck wonder (blogging on this soon). We hiked a secret trail and ended at the very edge of Lake Michigan, the mist not allowing us to see all of its grandeur yet awakened our imaginations.

We ate ice cream in freezing weather, and watched Walter Mitty as all five of us squeezed into a couch cast into a story of adventure, sweeping mountains, and risk. The nights were late and the mornings lazy and everything in between nothing short of perfect. It was incredible to be reminded of what it means to live with people who speak life and yet are honest about their lot in life. Wine bottles were opened and we spoke about how things don’t always feel ideal, but these little “cracks” are what make the story and the character great, and how else can light stream in?

I was licked and loved profusely by a very dark and large lab that filled my heart with so much love, at the absence of my brother and dog-hope resurrecting after a long absence and defeat. Slowly creeping back into my heart in colors of yellow, and a lick at a time.

I made freshly pressed coffee every morning and imagined someone’s hands in a small remote village somewhere picking those very beans that had found their way to my coffee mug each morning. And all of a sudden this world didn’t feel so big at all, and coincidence was something lost to the wind. I explored the “Blue House, Mouse House,” backyard and found a small creek and picked fresh pinecones, as the brisk bay air came in wrapping me in giddiness and crisp nostalgia.

And these were all a billion little things-miniscule things- that if I dared to blink I would quickly miss them; but these small (or not so small) things are what I knew were from the hands of God, because they were all the things that bring to me the greatest joie de vivre…



Michigan was magic, light, bright, crisp, delicious, hope-filled, sunny, cold, green, yellow, and a perfect shade of dark blue.

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life. – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

All my love friends,



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