Photo Sessions

This past weekends I had to take pictures for a class project (the lengths we go to, I tell ya). I am not one to EVER be on the other side of the camera but for this project I had to. So my lovely bloke (he did great, even though I kept butting in to tell him to change angle, light etc, gosh I can be such a control freak) had to take them for me. To surrender control of my camera is never easy for me, but maybe being on the other side of the lens allows you to be an “interacter” (If this is even a word) instead of an observer, to embrace your own skin and be comfortable in what is, a moment beyond your control. I always tend to see every detail when I am the one shooting, tend to see the little things that make a picture, so giving this up let someone else create is something I need to embrace. I need to remember that I am more than my frames.



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