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I decided to leave. Leave to a place where the salt would entangle with my hair-sun kissed and windswept, where the air always smelled crisp and of the sea. The Southwest had grown old and I tired of it, my roots ran dry and wanted an adventure. So at the ripe age of eighteen I boarded a plane to Sydney, Australia.

And for the next two years my life became an epic journey of self-discovery and European style coffee, walks through Surry Hills and encountering the diverse Sydney landscape.

Sydney grew in me, or I in it, like old moss. A love affair so intense that at times I thought I would intoxicate and never encounter something so beautiful again.

I fell in love with photography and design on Boronia Lane, as designers sipped their coffee in Bohemian sophistication as the glass windows enclosed them like delicate displays. And I worked at a restaurant to make ends meet and in anticipation to purchase my first official Canon SLR camera. I delivered tea steamed dumplings to customers on tables and heard snippets of their worlds. We would close late and watch the circadian rhythm of the world and stoplights unfold before us.

It was a beautiful time of discovery, faith and witnessing God.

And just like that it was time to say goodbye. It was  shattering to know that I wouldn’t stroll down Surry Hills in the spring, when the Jacaranda trees bloomed in beautiful purple leafs-cascading ever so delicately-or smelling jasmine sifting through the morning air, wondering to Gnome my favorite café to catch up with friends, or sit and stare at police men riding white horses in the winter night.

Goodbyes are hard.

And so I found myself here in Albuquerque struggling through my first year of UNI wondering why God brought me back. And then in the dawn of spring a master plan began to unfold, and in the autumn of that year I was officially working at my college newspaper as a photographer officially becoming the assistant photo editor. And since then I have watched my life change, and move and unfold like a tango of life with an unknown ending.

My life is not perfect, I am not perfect and I will never be. But I believe that my life as it is unfolding right now, this very moment, is divine and audaciously glorious.

So dear reader, sit back, relax and welcome to my tiny microcosm of the inter-webs. I dearly hope you enjoy my ramblings, perspectives, photography and indelicate spillings on my web page.

Let’s journey together.


-Diana Cervantes

Would love to hear from you e-mail me:

Photography: thelonephotographer.vsco.com
Instagram: dee_sea_
Twitter: @dee_sea_

for photography/print or drawing inquiries please e-mail me at: dianalcervantes09@gmail.com


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