Boyd Boys

Stumbled upon old photos from my time being a nanny in Australia. I miss these boys and family so much. I remember spending weekends with them. Their mom would make us breakfast in the morning, and we’d talk about God and life. We’d set clothes out to dry on the clothesline in the springtime while the smell of Jasmine sifted through the Aussie air. The floorboards would creek with charm and so much love from all the love it experienced within its four walls. The sun would stream in through the kitchen windows basking the house in a warm afternoon glow. We would make Earl Grey tea with milk and it was serenity, love in its purest form, and goodness of people that are now oceans and memories away. I will never forget them, and will carry them in my heart ever so fondly. Miss you Boyd family. Sending you love. Wherever you may be now.




In a Land Far Far Away

This past weekend I ventured off to the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair, and it was as whimsical as I imagined it. I also had to attend an event to take photos for my multimedia class that is why there’s captions on the photos. Anyhow, I honestly felt like I was in a different time and space, the setting at Los Ranchos de Las Golendrinas was perfect for this magical theme with creeks, meadows and trees all around. From fairies blowing bubbles, belly dancing, jousting and horses… it was truly something else.

Production Assignment_1
Jude Smith-VanWinkle, age 7, recieves a lollipop from his mother at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair Saturday afternoon. VanWinkle was dressed as an “owl knight.”
Production Assignment_2
Julia Gomez works on colcha embroidery Saturday afternoon at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair held at Las Golendrinas Museum.
Production Assignment_3
Julia Gomez embroiders a Spanish colonial style colcha Saturday afternoon at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair. Gomez says a colcha can take months to complete.
Production Project_4
Giotto, known as the “Pink Fairy,” plays alongside a duo of Renaissance style violinists. Giotto has been a part of the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair for 5 years.
Production Assignment_5
Sir Bronnen, from The Knights of Chaos, jousts Saturday afternon at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair.
Production Assignment_5
Theresa Falzone rides her horse Zina as part of her role as the “Guardian Fairy” at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair. Falzone has been apart of the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair for 10 years.
Production Assignment_7
Giotto also known as the “Pink Fairy” plays her violin as part of her role at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair.
Production Assignment_8
Skybar Schroeter, age 10, plays in a nearby creek Saturday afternoon at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair. Schroeter was dressed as the “wind fairy.”

Photo Sessions

This past weekends I had to take pictures for a class project (the lengths we go to, I tell ya). I am not one to EVER be on the other side of the camera but for this project I had to. So my lovely bloke (he did great, even though I kept butting in to tell him to change angle, light etc, gosh I can be such a control freak) had to take them for me. To surrender control of my camera is never easy for me, but maybe being on the other side of the lens allows you to be an “interacter” (If this is even a word) instead of an observer, to embrace your own skin and be comfortable in what is, a moment beyond your control. I always tend to see every detail when I am the one shooting, tend to see the little things that make a picture, so giving this up let someone else create is something I need to embrace. I need to remember that I am more than my frames.



The Overwhelming Charm of Summer Blues

“All in all, it was a never-to-be-forgotten summer — one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going — one of those summers which, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather, delightful friends and delightful doing, come as near to perfection as anything can come in this world.”
― L.M. MontgomeryAnne’s House of Dreams

This quote sums up perfectly the blokes and I mini camping adventure at Elephant Butte, New Mexico. We purchased cheap coffee at the local petrol station, grubbed on sandwiches and held hands through the interstate-while the city disappeared in the rear view mirror. There is nothing like a rich blue sky, toes in the sand, and the love of those you care about. So heres to the colors and memories of summer and those we love.

Enjoy friends,




10,800 ft In the Sky

At the end of May, I, the bloke and two of our good friends decided to go on a backpacking trip. It was my first trip, and although it was gruesome I greatly enjoyed it. The tranquility of nature and the beauty of how untamed and free it all is took my breath away. So here are a couple snapshots of our time there. (The only picture I did not take was the second one, that one is courtesy of the bloke).

Enjoy friends, and go outside.






P.S. these pictures are from the Pecos Wilderness and Lake Stewart, in Northern New Mexico.


With Wonder

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We explore in order to discover. We stop seeking in order to find. We risk in order to gain. In this season of my life a lot has been held in the paradoxes of life. Am learning that sometimes what may be right for me may not translate to other people and thats okay. Its okay to be unconventional. Its okay to do things in my own way, and to cast a line out to life and believe and hope for the best.

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I am learning to go back to the basics. I’m learning to let things go that are beyond my control, its a way of living that I’ve always strived to know. And its not easy, every morning when the anxiety of the desire to control sets in I breathe look to the sky-the beautiful face of God- and believe, and trust him through the heartache. I didn’t get the promotion that I worked so hard for, and for a while everything I hoped for was threatened. A dark cloud spread across what I thought was going to be the start of a great year. BUT GOD-in all his godliness reminded me that its not the end until he says it is. Until he bolts the door and tosses the key. Its not over until my God says it is.

I had lost faith in journalism, I had seen too many horrid things. Things humans shouldn’t do to other humans but then one morning over coffee and an ancient face and voice met with me and reminded me of the power of the lens. Of the weapon that a camera can be and the passion that never lets you give up even when you just feel like its not worth it anymore. There in the Frontier over breakfast burrito, and surprisingly good coffee I left with a hope-a vision to create, inspire, innovate and create change. There in the ancient eyes of one of my mentors I refused to give up. Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

And so we “beat on like boats against the current,” attempting to live each day in beauty. Grabbing coffee in the early morning at Limonata as the sky lay covered in looming grey clouds bringing in sleet and snow. And we sipped our coffee and we scribbled on the condensed filled window the word friend, and fought for our happiness. Fought to relinquish control, breathe and savor the moments left before the Great Departure. And it all felt like breathing. And it felt like a great rebellion to the sadness in this world.

And we drove. We drove in the same familiar red Jeep to a new place. Where a part of Korea lay hidden like a gem in this tired city. We greeted the face of the old man with “Annyeonghaseyo,” we bowed and I looked on with curiosity at the touch of a faraway place, while my dear friend smiled at the familiarity. There sprawled on shelves lay treasures of a culture that has grown like moss in me. There sprawled on the shelves lay my desires to know that place and to visit it one day. There on the shelves lay a new adventure waiting to be tamed, ventured and lived.

And there on the tongue of the old man lay the language of something so new, shiny and utterly enticing.

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But isn’t it like God to bring wonder into our lives? Isn’t it like God to resurrect dead bones, and to breathe into a life that couldn’t bare with the monotony anymore. Isn’t it like God to spark new desires and goals so that our souls won’t grow old. Isn’t it like God to make treasure out of rubble. And isn’t it like God to create life over and over and over and over again?

Isn’t it glorious to know that no matter how hurt we are, that no matter how much we screw things up that HE STILL HAS A PLAN FOR US.

Isn’t it grand to know that such a God exists?


“so we beat on boats against the current,” with eyes wide in wonder of what still is to come. The trips that still need to be taken, the new friendships that have formed, the new language that is to be learned, the new book that needs to be read, the cup of coffee that will be savored, and the prayers that will be answered.

22-23 “Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dank cellar. If you pull the blinds on your windows, what a dark life you will have! (Matthew 6:22-23 The MSG)