5th Annual Steampunk Spectacular

In a rustic roadside saloon in the sleepy town of Madrid, science fiction and steam-powered machinery aficionados gathered for the 5th Annual Steampunk Spectacular. The event was hosted at The Mine Shaft Tavern where individuals enjoyed beer, music and food. The event attracted individuals from all around New Mexico and featured events such as, a murder mystery, parasol dueling demos, fire shows and scavenger hunt. This year’s theme was “The Emerald City.” Participants were encouraged, but not limited to, dressing up as Wizard of Oz characters with a steampunk twist.

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Women March/Rally Albuquerque

“I raise up my voice-not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”
― Malala Yousafzai



In a Land Far Far Away

This past weekend I ventured off to the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair, and it was as whimsical as I imagined it. I also had to attend an event to take photos for my multimedia class that is why there’s captions on the photos. Anyhow, I honestly felt like I was in a different time and space, the setting at Los Ranchos de Las Golendrinas was perfect for this magical theme with creeks, meadows and trees all around. From fairies blowing bubbles, belly dancing, jousting and horses… it was truly something else.

Production Assignment_1

Jude Smith-VanWinkle, age 7, recieves a lollipop from his mother at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair Saturday afternoon. VanWinkle was dressed as an “owl knight.”

Production Assignment_2

Julia Gomez works on colcha embroidery Saturday afternoon at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair held at Las Golendrinas Museum.

Production Assignment_3

Julia Gomez embroiders a Spanish colonial style colcha Saturday afternoon at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair. Gomez says a colcha can take months to complete.

Production Project_4

Giotto, known as the “Pink Fairy,” plays alongside a duo of Renaissance style violinists. Giotto has been a part of the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair for 5 years.

Production Assignment_5

Sir Bronnen, from The Knights of Chaos, jousts Saturday afternon at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair.

Production Assignment_5

Theresa Falzone rides her horse Zina as part of her role as the “Guardian Fairy” at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair. Falzone has been apart of the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair for 10 years.

Production Assignment_7

Giotto also known as the “Pink Fairy” plays her violin as part of her role at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair.

Production Assignment_8

Skybar Schroeter, age 10, plays in a nearby creek Saturday afternoon at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair. Schroeter was dressed as the “wind fairy.”