Albuquerque Bee-Pollinators Week in Snapshots



10,800 ft In the Sky

At the end of May, I, the bloke and two of our good friends decided to go on a backpacking trip. It was my first trip, and although it was gruesome I greatly enjoyed it. The tranquility of nature and the beauty of how untamed and free it all is took my breath away. So here are a couple snapshots of our time there. (The only picture I did not take was the second one, that one is courtesy of the bloke).

Enjoy friends, and go outside.






P.S. these pictures are from the Pecos Wilderness and Lake Stewart, in Northern New Mexico.


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In the wake of spring when beautiful things begin to bloom and unfold an unexpected wind came coasting in. At first I was indifferent to the breeze not wanting to get caught up in its wake. Yet, little by little, early morning coffee sessions, midnight drives, sitting beneath trees-it blossomed. It blossomed delicately and suddenly and we both embraced it.

River walks to fancy dinners at Marcello’s and kissing at red lights-an epic windswept adventure. Where our eyes smile from our cheeks and we laugh at things we can only understand, a secret between lovers.

We journey hand in hand, wherever the journey may lead, for this time is ours.


*A picture of I and the blokes walk from our time by the river.